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3 Toy Favorites for babies

The thing that I dreaded the most was TOYS. Simply because I did not want to have a mess all the time or have to trip on anything while walking in the dark. I like to say im pretty organized and like to have a clean space. Let me tell you, a toy is only interesting for about the first 10 minutes max and then its history. Yet, I still manage to walk out the store with a toy. Story of my life.

I do have some toys though that I picked out myself and I have noticed how they still have not gone out of style after 13 months. LOL. These are toys I actually purchased and think are fun, educational, entertaining, colorful or simply just must-have toys.

  1. LeapFrog MyPal Scout or Violet
    • Scout, is programmable with your childs favorite color, animal, food and name. It is actually really cute. It sings multiple songs as well as a it says multiple phrases. My favorite feature was the lullabies it has. We bought this when he was only 3 months old and now at 13 months he still hugs and sings with Scout. Educational, cute, and soothing.

Image result for leapfrog scout

2. Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano Gym

  • We got this one when he was about 2 or 3 months to start making tummy time more entertaining. The hanging toys are great to get the baby to reach for items and become aware with his or her surroundings. As the baby kicks, there are 2 settings on the piano, it can play continues music or its one key. This makes tummy time easier as the music plays and the hanging toys can be attached to the mat so the baby can play with them. Interactive, educational and fun.

Image result for piano kick and play

3. Fisher-Price Learn With Me Zebra Walker

  • We got this to help assist as a support for standing up. It plays music and it has interactive toys which make it a really fun toy. It helped when he began to take his first steps as he would love to push it around to hear the music play. He did start to walk unassisted at exactly 12 months and he still likes to push his zebra around and play with the toys. This toy is very interactive, educational, colorful and fun.

Image result for learn with me zebra walker



I am a stay at home mom of 2 amazing boys. I started this blog along with my Instagram as a way to connect with other moms and share my own story and experinces. I don't have my life together but I try my best every day and that's what I want to share. Some days may be hard but with encouragement we can get through it.

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