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Do you ever feel like you are living for someone else?

For the past months I have been in a weird place. I let certain situations get the best of me and thought it would be best to just, basically, be invisible.

If I could just hide and not see or talk to anyone then no one would have anything to say about me or make me feel bad.

I was wrong.

The past weeks I have been thinking about my life and how my light is so dim. I don’t shine the way I use to. I stay home, I’m a stay at home mom, but really I stay home a lot. I stopped blogging for a year and I rarely post on my social media because I wanted to be invisible.

I let people’s words hurt me and shut me down and instead of feeling better about myself because I was “invisible”, I started to become invisible to myself. No confidence, no motivation, no desire to change my daily routine.

The past month I decided I am not that person. I am bright. My light use to shine bright and I don’t know maybe people felt intimidated by it. People think life is easy for everyone just because you don’t share the struggle people assume you have it easy and your life is so marvelous, just sunshine and rainbows, apparently.

I am tired of being invisible and it’ll be a lot work and time to bring myself to shine but I know I have it in me. I want to share my journey to self love, self worth. I don’t need to live my life by waiting for others approval. I should aim to make myself happy and be thankful and grateful for every experience in my life.

If I had a glass of wine I would say, “Cheers, to a better version of me, and to stop being invisible”.

Thank you for reading.

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I am a stay at home mom of 2 amazing boys. I started this blog along with my Instagram as a way to connect with other moms and share my own story and experinces. I don't have my life together but I try my best every day and that's what I want to share. Some days may be hard but with encouragement we can get through it.

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