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Essential Oil Change

I have been using essential oils for 3 years now. I made the decision to try them out because of the benefits they had and I knew that I wanted to have a more holistic approach with my baby. He was only a few months old when I made my purchase.

I always did wax melts but when I was pregnant, Google became my best friend and so many other pregnancy apps and mom groups on Facebook.

Anyway, I didn’t know where to start the only oils I had ever known of were the ones from Sprouts stores but for some reason they gave me headaches. Then I learned about Young Living and it sounded amazing. I purchased my kit, unaware that Young Living is actually a network marketing company. I wanted the benefits of the oils so I was a happy customer and still am. Through the years I order monthly but they are pricey. 2 years ago I became a stay at home mom. Its been a struggle to keep up with our oils because well price and to the day never looked around for other alternatives.

You know sometimes you are online and for some reason the same thing keeps popping up. Well on Instagram I kept seeing pictures of test trays. It wasn’t like one person post it was multiple different days at a time. Finally started to read what they were testing. Come to find out it was about essential oils.

Turns out I have options. I am in love with my oils again. I found out about Plant Therapy and the prices are amazing. The have organic selection for children and they even have a chart right on their site so for people that use Young Living and Do Terra can easily find their favorite oils compared to their.

How amazing is that. Yes, essential oils make me happy. I have a collection of over 20 bottles because the others are empty and I am now going to be able to add so many more to that.

You have to check out these tests though. I don’t have the exact links or posts but I’m sure a simple Google search can point you to them.

I am in love with the amount of kid safe oils they have. I cant wait to own all of them. They have rollers too which means this mom no longer has to dilute.

I cant wait to share more of the products with you guys. I’m not here to tell you not to use Young Living or DoTerra but I am here to share the alternatives you have. You will love these and their prices. I will link the kid safe Oils directly because those are my number 1 and also a link to access all their other products. They have a lot of promotions at the moment that you don’t want to miss out on.

Keep an eye out for more of my stories with Essential Oils.



KidSafe Complete Set

Plant Therapy Essential Oils

KidSafe Essential Oils

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